Bible Quizzing


Apostolic Bible Quizzing is a ministry for young people ages 5-18, wherein participants memorize predetermined passages of scripture, and compete on their knowledge against other young people from other churches. The young people will also learn valuable life lessons, and travel to new and exciting places. This year, the material will be pulled from the Psalms of David - an impactful and vital part of any Christian's walk with God!

There is no entry cost to Apostolic Bible Quizzing, though you will need to purchase about $30 worth of materials. The best time to start is September - early November, so jump in now!

If you would like more information about Apostolic Bible Quizzing, contact us today!



We are excited to present the material for our next BACBQ - the Psalms of David! We will be studying select portions from the following chapters of Psalms: 3, 5, 8, 14, 18. 

As in the past, we have made printable verse cards available on this page. Simply click the document and print. Make sure you print two-sided. If the verse references do not match the verse text, please change your selection for "collated". If you have any further questions, contact Daniel Forrest.

BACBQ 2020 Flashcards