Hope Corps

Hope Corps


Philippines - 2018
David is a very busy young man at Battlefield Apostolic Church where he serves as sound man, media man, drummer, lead guitar, drummer, worship leader and Bible Quizmaster.  David also is the director of the J-Crew Puppet Team and is the official "Joey", his own brand of puppeteering.   

 He is also serving as a Regional Quiz Master and Bible Quiz Start-Up Team Instructor for the ABQ Program as well as an official judge at the National Bible Quiz Tournament.   Graduating from Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO in May, 2018 with his AA Degree,   David continues his education at Evangel University, Springfield, MO for a BA Degree in Church Ministries.

David completed his 5th Year in Apostolic Bible Quizzing in 2016.  National Highest Scorer 2015, Championship Tournament and Regional Quizzer of the Year 2016 & 2014.

David  completed his Hope Corps ITW in Manila, Philippines & attended PEAK PI October, 2018.
2016, 2017, 2018 Kingdom Kids Conference Staff,  WPF Summit, Pigeon Forge, TN

Daniel Forrest 
ROATAN C - 2016
Daniel graduated from Ozark Tech College in Springfield, MO, December, 2017, with a Degree in Graphic Design.    Finishing his last and 4th year as a Bible Quizzer at PEAK 2015, Daniel also serves as KidzChurch Director, Bible Quiz Coach, drummer, bass guitar, worship leader, JCrew Puppeteer and many other roles at BAC.   Graduating from HC September 2016, Daniel is also serving as a Bible Quiz Start-Up Team instructor in the Northwest/Northeast Region for the Apostolic Bible Quizzing program.  
Starting 2019, Daniel will be serving as Regional Quizmaster in a brand new region, Midwest Region.
2016 & 2018 Kingdom Kids Conference Staff,  WPF Summit Conference, Pigeon Forge, TN


Kandis Forrest
ROATAN A- 2016

KidzChurch Assistant, musician, singer and JCrew Puppeteer.  Kandis is currently attending Ozark Technical College, Springfield, MO.  
Kandis also joined the PEAK PI trip and graduated HC September, 2016.
2016 Kingdom Kids Conference Staff, WPF Summit Conference, Pigeon Forge, TN

Kendra Forrest 
ROATAN B - 2014

In 2018, Kendra became the Music Director at Battlefield, as well as starting the Children's Choir.  She is a talented musician and singer and is a private piano teacher in addition to her full time job.  She also serves as a KidzChurch Assistant and JCrew Puppeteer.  
Graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in May, 2017, from Missouri State University,  Hope Corps  and ITW Graduate 2014.  
Kendra also attended the first PEAK PI in August 2015 as Alumni.  
2016 Kingdom Kids Conference staff, WPF Summit, Pigeon Forge, TN

Justin & Kara (Forrest) Simoneaux
ROATAN B, 2012

Youth Choir Director, singer, musician and JCrew Puppeteer. Kara completed her Apostolic School of Theology - Hope Corps in May of 2012 and  traveled to her first missions trip to Roatan, Honduras in June, 2012.  June of 2013 and 2016, Kara returned to Honduras as an HC Alumni, serving at the HC Training Center.  After graduating from Hope Corps in July, 2012, Kara continued her educational journey at Ozark Technical College in the fall of 2012, graduation with an AA Degree, May 2014, with honors.  Kara graduated from  Missouri State University, Springfield, MO,  December, 2015 with her BS Degree in Accounting and completed her college career in May, 2017, with a Masters Degree in Accounting from MSU. 

On August 12, 2017, Kara married Justin Simoneaux of Birimingham, Alabama.  They are now entering into ministry at New Life Pentecostal Church.   Also, for the upcoming 2018 ABQ Quiz Season, the Simoneaux's wil be coaching the Beginner Team.   We are expecting God to greatly bless and use the Simoneaux's as they begin a new life together.  


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