Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing

Apostolic Bible Quizzing

Apostolic Bible Quizzing is a program organized by the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship, in which young people ages 6–18 learn hundreds of Bible verses and travel to compete against churches from across the United States and Canada. They’ll make lifelong friends, have life-changing experiences, and have the Word of God engrained in their hearts.


ABQ 2021
Beginner, 182 verse count
(age 8 or younger 1/1/21)

Junior, 283 verse count
(age 11 or younger 1/1/21

Senior, 418 verse count
(age 12-18 1/1/21)

BACBQ 2021

BACBQ is our local Bible Quizzing program. Our next tournament is January 2021, and all our church members are on a team! Download your verse cards below and start studying now!

***PLEASE NOTE*** MARK 1:11 & MARK 1:19 needs correction on printed verse cards.

2020 Results – PSALMS

Team Awards

1st Place: Springfield 2 (4-1)
2nd Place: Fordland (4-2)

Individual Awards

Highest Scorer: Sis. Kendra Forrest (Springfield 2) – 110 PPG
2nd Highest Scorer: Sis. Anita Blouin (Clever) – 92 PPG

All-Tournament Team
1st: Sis. Vonda Forrest (Fordland) – 87.5 PPG
2nd: Bro. David. C. Forrest (Rogersville) – 67 PPG
3rd: Bro. Jon Sczabolchi (Springfield 2) – 20 PPG
4th: Sis. Michelle F. (Rogersville) – 19 PPG

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